yoocan is the the world's #1 empowerment site for people with disabilities and their families to share their personal story in a safe community, search for activities and organizations, meet new friends and get feedback from people who truly care.

yoocan is a free community with access to more than 1 million people from over 100 countries around the world, and growing every day.


In July 2008, my nephew Erez was born with a rare disease and complex cognitive and physical disabilities. This was the beginning of an emotionally challenging journey for our family. It brought us together in many ways, but it was hard as we needed to adjust to a new way of living. Like Erez, there are over 1 billion people in the world living with some kind of cognitive or physical disability, striving to live a better, inclusive life, and fulfill their dreams.

We created yoocan to be the leading empowerment source in the world for ideas, tips and solutions to make your life better and more inclusive.

We invite you to share your story today and be part of this global yoocan community.

If you prefer not to share a story, you can still join, read and give feedback to others. It's simple and free to register!

I would love to hear from you with any questions, comments or even just to say hi!

Moshe Gaon
CEO & Co-Founder

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