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Free Wheelchair Escort

U.S. Airways Center

The Talking Stick Resort Arena is committed to providing every guest with a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Throughout our facility, efforts have and continue to be made to ensure this is true for our guests with disabilities as well. Wheelchair accessible seating is offered at all price points, on a first-come first-served basis. Tickets for accessible seating can be purchased by calling 602-379-7800. Press #1 or #2 for your language preference then press #2 for accessible seating tickets. A Ticket Sales Representative will be with you shortly. Important considerations when choosing your seating: •If you are able/prefer to get out of your wheelchair or scooter, we have areas with informal storage that are on a first-come first-served basis. These can be found in 106w, 110w, 118w, 122w and all upper concourse sections. See the map below for details. •If you simply need seating that requires no stairs, we have “Limited Mobility/Ambulatory Accessible” seats that do not require the use of a single step and allow 3 (or maybe more) companions to sit right next to you, based on availability. These are in Row 20 of the main concourse and Row 2 in the upper concourse. There are often more options for these, if they work for you. •If you have a large companion dog, it may be best to get wheelchair accessible seating so aisle ways are not blocked. •If you need to be close to a family/companion restroom or elevator, see below for details on their locations.

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Free Wheelchair Escort
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