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Free Wheelchairs & Companion Entrance

Guggenheim New York

The staff at the Information desk, located to the right past the Admissions desk, and Gallery Guides posted around the museum are available to answer any questions about your visit at the museum. For Visitors with Limited Mobility The museum is wheelchair accessible except for the High Gallery, which is at the top of the first ramp and has two low stairs at the entrance. Partial view of the High Gallery is possible from rotunda levels 1 and 2. Printed transcripts of wall texts are available at the Admissions and Information desks. The Wright restaurant can be accessed via the outdoor ramp or from the indoor chair lift. Please ask a security guard to assist you. Wheelchairs Standard manual wheelchairs are available free of charge; please ask a security guard at the entrance for assistance. No reservation necessary. An individual assisting a person in a manual wheelchair can be granted a free admission ticket. Motorized wheelchairs are allowed in the museum. Restrooms Wheelchair-accessible restrooms are available on the rotunda floor and on Tower Level 7. Elevator Elevators are available from the ground floor. Ramp Slope The grade of the ramp is 3 degrees. Programs for People with Limited Mobility Free teleconferencing and videoconferencing classes are offered to people with limited mobility who are unable to visit the museum. For more information of course offerings, please e-mail access@guggenheim.org or call 212 360 4355.

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Free Wheelchairs & Companion Entrance
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