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Only $10 Wheelchair Rental

Kennedy Space Center

Many accessible services are available throughout the visitor complex for individuals with disabilities. Please visit Information located at the main entrance to the visitor complex. Call 321.449.4443 for more information, 8 am - 6 pm EDT. Parking Accessible parking is located near the entrance of the Visitor Complex for a fee. A valid parking permit is required, and a temporary disabled parking permit is available at any ticket window. Transportation and Attraction Access All tour buses are equipped with wheelchair- and scooter-accessible lifts. Visitors may request this service while purchasing tickets or at the tour bus boarding location. Visitors also have the option of transferring into tour buses and picking up a wheelchair at the Apollo/Saturn V Center tour destination. Theater access for IMAX® Theaters is available via ground-level entrances. Visitors may also use wheelchair-accessible lifts to gain access to upper seating locations. Companion seating is available. Access for Astronaut Encounter theater includes wheelchair-accessible seating along with companion seating at various locations throughout the theater. A wheelchair lift providing access to the stage for guest speakers and presentations is also available. Accessible Equipment* Rent accessible equipment at any ticket window, Will Call, Guest Services or Information. All rental equipment is available on a first-come, first-served basis and advance reservations are not available. $25 Electric Scooter Rental, limited quantities available $10 Wheelchair Rental *Rental rates do not include tax. Telephones Pay telephones mounted at accessible heights are located throughout the visitor complex. Service Animals Service animals are permitted in all exhibits, presentations and on the bus tour. For additional information, call 321.449.4443, 8 am - 6 pm EDT, or email a Guest Service Manager for more information.

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Only $10 Wheelchair Rental
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