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Free Wheelchair Rental

The Jewish Museum

Visitors Who Have Mobility Impairments Accessible elevators are located on Floor 1 behind the admissions desk. All floors, including dining and gallery levels, are accessible for people using mobility aids or who need to avoid stairs. A wheelchair-accessible entrance to the Museum is located immediately to the right of the main entrance off Fifth Avenue on 92nd Street. All public restrooms include accessible facilities. Standard wheelchairs are available on a limited basis to reserve no more than 24 hours in advance by calling 212.423.3213. Upon arriving at the Museum, please advise the lobby security guard that a wheelchair was reserved, and it will be made available. Visitors Who Are Blind or Have Low Vision The Museum provides a variety of programming for people who are blind or have low vision. Multisensory Verbal Description Tours of exhibitions are offered on select Wednesday afternoons. Private group verbal description tours are available for a minimum of five people upon request at least four weeks in advance. A tactile book featuring raised drawings and Braille is available for tours exploring select works of art in the Museum’s collection. To request a tour, please email access@thejm.org or call 212.423.3289. Large print labels for temporary exhibitions are available at the entrance to the galleries. Visitors Who Are Deaf or Have Hearing Loss Assistive listening devices—along with receivers and headsets or neck loops—are available for public programs taking place in Scheuer Auditorium and in the galleries. Please email access@thejm.org or call 212.423.3289. Relay calls are welcome. The admissions desk, coat check, Cooper Shop, Goodkind Media Center (Floor 3), Millstein Gallery (Floor 3), and information desk (Floor 4) are each equipped with induction hearing loops that transmit directly to T-coil compatible hearing aids—please switch your hearing aid to “T”. Receivers and headsets are available at the admissions desk for visitors without T-coil compatible hearing aids. A sign language interpreter is available for most Public Programs upon request at least four weeks in advance. Please email access@thejm.org or call 212.423.3289. Relay calls are welcome.

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Free Wheelchair Rental
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