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Pony Express

Accessibility Accessibility varies greatly along the Pony Express National Historic Trail. Each site and landowner varies in the level of services. We have developed an Auto Tour Route to follow the trail via major highways and many segments of the trail can be viewed by automobile. Some sites may provide accessible trails or pathways for touring an area. A variety of visitor centers along the trail provide video and audio programs, and occasionally tactile or interactive exhibits. For sight impaired visitors we provide our official map and guide in large font format on our Publications page. * Entrance fees are free with America the Beautiful Pass. Pass may be obtained in person at a federal recreation site or through the mail using the application form. The cost of obtaining an Access Pass through the mail is ten dollars ($10) for processing the application (the Pass is free). Applicants must provide documentation of permanent disability and residency or citizenship.

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Free Entrance
place Santa Fe, New Mexico


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