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Free Entrance

Minidoka National Historic Site ID

The National Park Service welcomes people with disabilities. We strive to make our facili­ties, services, and programs accessible to all. Minidoka National Historic Site There are two accessible Portable Toilets located at the site. The 1.6 mile trail looping around the site was designed as accessible however during winter the surface compaction degrades due to rain, snow, freezing, and then thawing. Please be aware that the integrity of the trail may be compromised from November to April due to weather. National Parks Accessible to Everyone is the National Park Service's website dedicated to showcasing trails, activities, and other features that are accessible at units of the National Park System nationwide. Service Animals Service Animals that meet the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) guidelines are welcome at all facilities and services within Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument. * Entrance fees are free with America the Beautiful Pass. Pass may be obtained in person at a federal recreation site or through the mail using the application form. The cost of obtaining an Access Pass through the mail is ten dollars ($10) for processing the application (the Pass is free). Applicants must provide documentation of permanent disability and residency or citizenship

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Free Entrance
place Hagerman, Idaho


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