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Free Entrance

Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Site Georgia

Physical / Mobility A wheelchair is available for visitors to borrow while at the site and can be requested at the information desk inside of the visitor center free of charge on a first-come first-served basis. All borrowed wheelchairs must be returned to the information desk location 30 minutes prior to closing. Parking Lot There are multiple designated accessible spaces adjacent to the visitor center entrance. The parking lot is paved. Visitor Center The visitor center is a single-level facility at street level. Doors at the entrance are accessible; however the doors to the restrooms can only be opened manually. Birth Home The Birth Home, a historic house, is a multi-level facility located within the residential block of the historic site. The first floor of the home is accessible via a wide walkway that leads to the rear of the home. The second floor is accessible by an elevator chair lift ground level of the home. When the lift is being serviced and/or becomes inoperable a Ranger will provide a photo tour of the second floor. Sales Outlet The Sales Outlet, operated by our Cooperating Association, Eastern National, is accessible via a paved walkway which leads to a ramp in the rear of the facility. Fire Station No. 6 This facility is accessible and an elevator provides access to the second level which is primarily used by groups hosting approved events. Ebenezer Baptist Church This facility is accessible via a portable metal ramp to the Narthex. The Heritage Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall are accessible via a wheelchair lift which is available on the Narthex.

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Free Entrance
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