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Free Entrance

Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve Alaska

Accessibility Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve is unmatched in its wildness, history, and scenic beauty. We invite you to experience first hand this special place. A Braille translation of our park brochure is available by request, or for download in a Braille Ready Format. A number of park staff are fluent in a variety of languages, including American Sign Language. Service dogs on a leash are allowed on park trails in Bartlett Cove. Glacier Bay Lodge The Lodge and Visitor Center are accessible to all. The Glacier Bay Lodge is accessed via wheelchair-accessible ramp. The park visitor center, exhibits, and theater are located upstairs and accessible via elevator or stairs. The grounds have gravel and wooden walkways and wheelchair accessible restrooms. ADA accessible rooms are available for overnight lodging. Trail to Lodge The path from the Glacier Bay Lodge to the Public Dock A portion of the Bartlett Cove Public Use Dock provides flat, paved access to a viewing platform complete with interpretive panels. This is a nice spot to view the water and distant mountains. Wildlife can also be seen in this area. Continuing to the main dock may be an option, however the ramp varies in steepness with the tides. At high tide, the ramp may offer a gradual 3% slope. A few hours later, when the tide is out, that same ramp may be at an almost 18% slope. The Bartlett Cove Campground is accessible by foot traffic only. Paths through the campground are well-compacted soil and level. There are no utilities available. There is one wheelchair accessible vault toilet available, and at the nearby Visitor Information Station (1/4 mile), there are two modern restrooms that are fully accessible. Please feel free to call the park at 907-697-2230 to review all accessibility options available at Glacier Bay.

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Free Entrance
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