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Free Entrance

Harpers Ferry National Historical Park

Wheelchair Access Wheelchairs are permitted on all trails. Visitor Centers & Educational Programs All park visitor centers feature bookstores and information desks accessible to wheelchairs. Assisted listening devices and sign language interpretation available with advance notice. Read more Accessible Trails Bear Lake Trail, Coyote Valley Trail, Lily Lake Trail and the Sprague Lake Trail are all wheelchair Accessible. Read more Camping Both "frontcountry" and "backcountry" camping are available. Read more Along Trail Ridge Road Many of the overlooks have accessible parking. Read more Disabled parking space at Storm Pass trailhead Disabled parking along Bear Lake Road NPS/John Marino Along Bear Lake Road Holliwell Park, Sprague Lake and Bear Lake all have accessible parking. Read more Shuttle Busses Wheelchair accessible shuttle busses operate in the summer in the Bear Lake corridor. Read more Service Animals Those that have been trained to perform specific tasks for persons with disabilities are allowed in the park. Read more * Entrance fees are free with America the Beautiful Pass. Pass may be obtained in person at a federal recreation site or through the mail using the application form. The cost of obtaining an Access Pass through the mail is ten dollars ($10) for processing the application (the Pass is free). Applicants must provide documentation of permanent disability and residency or citizenship.

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Free Entrance
place Harpers Ferry, West Virginia


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