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Free Entrance & Beach Wheelchair Rental

Pismo State Beach

Pismo State Beach encompasses seven miles of beachfront, extending south from the town of Pismo Beach through Grover Beach and Oceano to the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area. Guiton Trail •Trailhead: The most accessible trail entrance is near space #20 in the RV section of Oceano Campground. To reach the trail from the visitor center you must travel across grass. •Length: Under one mile total •Typical Width: 30 in. to 4 ft. •Typical Grade: Gentle •Terrain: Firm •Just past the viewing platform the edges of the trail are sandy, so stay on the designated trail. Accessibility: •Accessible Visitor Center: Yes •Beach Wheelchair: Yes •Available at Grand Avenue and Pier Avenue beach entrance stations, or contact Oceano Dunes Ranger Station, (805) 473-7220 •Accessible Parking: Yes •At foot of Pier, Grand, and Pomeroy avenues, and at visitor center at Oceano Lagoon. Roadside dirt lot off Highway 1 at butterfly grove has no designated accessible parking. •Accessible Restroom: Yes •At pier and Oceano Campground; another is in Pismo Beach, in parking lot at foot of Addie Street. •Accessible Picnic Tables: Yes •At pier and butterfly grove

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Free Entrance & Beach Wheelchair Rental
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