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Beachfront Park

Beach Front Park comprises 10 city blocks of grassy sports fields, picnic areas with unobstructed views of the harbor, a beach, a half-mile shoreline trail, and B Street Pier, a 900-foot-long accessible fishing pier (railings are 42" high). The Fred Endert indoor swimming pool at the park's east end is open to the public (fee). Crescent City Coastal Trail •Trailhead: Battery Point Vista parking lot at the foot of A Street •Length: 1-2 total miles •Typical Width: 4 ft. & above •Typical Grade: Level •Terrain: Hard •Obstacles: Along Howe Drive, parking blocks impede wheelchair passage across the road. There are only a few places where you can cross to reach the main section of the park. Accessibility: •Beach Wheelchair: Yes •The Redwood National and State Parks information center, located at the Crescent City Information Center (1111 2nd St., Crescent City) has a beach wheelchair available for use in the area. You must pick it up and have a way to transport it. 707-465-7335. •Accessible Parking: Yes •Battery Point Vista lot at the foot of A Street, along Howe Drive, and west of Sunset Circle off Hwy. 101 •Accessible Restroom: Yes •At Battery Point Vista at the foot of A Street, by the Marine Mammal Center •Accessible Picnic Tables: Yes •At Battery Point Vista parking lot; new tables near the beach, just east of the pier, have raised grills

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Free Wheelchair Rental
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