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Accessible For Your Convenience

Pritzker Pavilion

This revolutionary outdoor concert venue in Millennium Park, with its billowing sculpture of brushed stainless steel ribbons, is home to the Grant Park Music Festival and other free concerts and events. Frank Gehry, its designer, also conceived the pavilion’s unique sound system which distributes sound evenly via an overarching trellis. Ramps provide access to the seating areas, stage and other facilities. Integrated seating for wheelchairs (with fixed companion seating alongside) is provided in all sections. In addition, 5% of the aisle seats have moveable armrests. Wireless headsets for the assistive listening system are located at the sound booth. For Festival concerts, large print programs are available at the membership table. Men’s and women’s restrooms with ambulatory and wheelchair stalls, as well as a single use accessible facility, are located on both east and west sides of the pavilion.

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Accessible For Your Convenience
place Chicago, Illinois


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