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The Oceanarium at the Shedd is so fantastic it will have you believing that Lake Michigan, just outside the window, is actually the ocean. Instead of an audio tour, there are daily presentations in the Caribbean Reef and Oceanarium, as well as Animal Encounters in various locations. . Mobility The accessible entrance is south of the main entrance and clearly labeled. Take the elevator to the main level for ticketing and information. Wheelchairs are available. A unisex restroom (no lateral transfer space) is near Wild Reef, lower level. All other restrooms are fully accessible. Wheelchair accessible routes are clearly indicated on the map. The Oceanarium Amphitheatre has wheelchair seating at the front and back and reserved seats for persons with disabilities in the front row. There is elevator access to the lower level on both sides of the Oceanarium. Hearing TDD and volume control phones are located near the main entrance. Videos in exhibits are captioned. A sign language interpreter is available with 2-weeks advance notice. Vision Signs and labels are large print, high contrast, non-glare with Braille/tactile for restrooms and elevators. Some touch opportunities are available but no specific exhibit or tour. Parking/Public Transportation The parking garage, which has 21 designated accessible spaces, 7 on each level, costs $12 per vehicle. There are also 3 free accessible spaces outside the Henry Crown Space Center entrance. CTA buses #2, #6 and #28 stop within one block of the museum and #10, when it runs, comes to the main entrance.

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Wheelchair Rental
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