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Free Entrance & Wheelchair Rental

Walters Art Museum

Sensory Morning The Walters Art Museum is committed to serving individuals with Sensory Processing Disorders through its collaboration with Kennedy Krieger Institute. Sensory Mornings are free, registration-based programs designed to meet the diverse sensory needs of individuals with autism and related disorders. Offered four times annually, Sensory Mornings invite families to visit the Walters before it opens to the general public, providing the opportunity to enjoy time together during quiet hours. These multigenerational workshops provide hands-on activities, tactile resources, and visual supports within designated galleries; art-making experiences within a private studio; and a Sensory Break Area for those in need of respite. Enroll online for an upcoming workshop, or for more information on related offerings, please contact Colleen Oyler at 410-547-9000, ext. 300, or email coyler@thewalters.org. Touch Tours Docent-led touch tours of sculptures from various periods of the permanent collection are offered for blind and partially-sighted groups of between five and 15 visitors. During touch tours, both the docent and the visitor wear gloves to examine pre-selected works from the Walters collection. The Walters Art Museum's commitment to serve the blind and partially sighted community through its collaboration with the Maryland State Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped was recognized by Art Education for the Blind, New York City in 2005. Multi-Sensory Tours Docent-led touch tours of sculpture may also combine visual descriptions and discussions of paintings from different areas of the permanent collection. Tours are offered for blind and partially sighted groups of between five and 15 visitors. Booking an Accessibility Tour Hour-long touch and multi-sensory tours are free and available by appointment only. Three weeks advance notice is required and tours are subject to availability. Please contact John Shields, Manager of Docent Programs, at 410-547-9000, ext 235 or register online.

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Free Entrance & Wheelchair Rental
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