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Wheelchair Rental

Field Museum of Natural History

Fun and educational for all ages, the Field Museum is best known as the home of Sue, the largest T. rex ever found. Permanent and special exhibitions cover 9 acres, so taking a highlight tour, available morning and afternoon, may be a good idea. Mobility The East Entrance is level with a pushbutton door. Wheelchairs are available. Elevators are located in the center east and center west of the museum. Accessible restrooms are noted on the map. A customer care center provides a place to rest or receive medical care requiring privacy. McDonald’s and Corner Bakery have accessible counters and tables. James Simpson Theatre, reached by an enclosed lift, has numerous wheelchair spaces across the middle level and in boxes on both sides, as well as two designated aisle seats with moveable arms. The closest parking is in the East Lot.

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Wheelchair Rental
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