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Aleutian World War II

Physical / Mobility Accessibility Aleutian World War II Visitor Center, Fort Schwatka and Mount Ballyhoo This is a primitive area with no facilities and subject to high winds, rain and fog. Entrance: The visitor center entrance can only be opened manually. Parking: At the visitor center, there are no specifically designated accessible parking spaces, though the lot is small and all spaces are close to the facility. The parking lot is gravel. The route from the parking lot to the facility has a drain catch with a dip, but is otherwise level cement. Elsewhere in the park, there are a few spots alongside the road to stop and get out of your vehicle. These areas are not level but are hard, compact surfaces. It is typically less than 100 feet from a stop on the roadway to World War II artifacts or exhibits. Restrooms: At the visitor center, both the men's and women's restrooms are accessible. Restrooms and water are not available anywhere else around Fort Schwatka or on Mount Ballyhoo. An elevator is available in the two-story visitor center. Exhibits: There are interpretive signs in the park, but the roadway/trails are uneven. The wayside exhibits are generally visible from the inside of a vehicle. Travel between exhibits is along the roadway, which is hard and compact but also often rutted and uneven. Deaf / Hearing Loss Accessibility Aleutian World War II Visitor Center, Fort Schwatka and Mount Ballyhoo Park information: Anyone can reach a Federal agency to conduct business by simply dialing 7-1-1 and connecting with a Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) call center. Printed brochures are available at the visitor center and on wayside exhibits in the park. Exhibits: In the visitor center, some of the exhibits featuring audio or video have text descriptions. Programs and tours: The park has a printed driving/walking guide to the area associated with numbered sign posts. Blind / Low Vision Accessibility Aleutian World War II Visitor Center, Fort Schwatka and Mount Ballyhoo Park information: Only standard print information is available. Exhibits: The exhibits include some audio programs and tactile models and maps that may be touched. Recorded audio description is not available. Programs and tours: The park’s walking/driving guide is only available in print.. Trails and Waysides: Recorded audio descriptions of trails or waysides are not available. The roadway and unmaintained trails are uneven and rutted, making navigation and footing very difficult. Also, cliff edges, rapidly descending terrain, and World War II-era ruins and artifacts are known hazards. Please use extreme caution if visiting this park. Service Animals Service animals are allowed in National Parks.

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Free Entrance
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