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Free Entrance for Companion

Children's Museum

Accessibility Your trip to The Children’s Museum will be unforgettable! We make every effort to maximize the experience for everyone. Barrier-Free Access Most areas of the museum are barrier free. There are only a handful of less accessible areas due to the historic nature or natural habitat of certain artifacts like the tool car in All Aboard! Designated Therapists or Caregivers A complimentary admission ticket will be issued to a licensed care provider for visitors requiring medical assistance to visit. The Care provider must provide an employee badge from a licensed facility and a matching photo ID. This complimentary ticket is available to the caregiver when the visitor and accompanying guests pay admission. Park in one of our handicapped spaces in the free parking garage or surface parking lot. A skywalk connects the parking garage to the museum. The parking garage has elevators. Restrooms/Family (Unisex) Restrooms Our most accessible restrooms are located in our Welcome Center, Sunburst Atrium, Lower Level (between Dinosphere and All Aboard), and Level 2 (next to Take Me There: China). Sensory Stories and Maps If you have a child with ASD or sensory issues, the museum would like to help prepare your child ahead of time for some of the sights and sounds they will experience. Sets of fidget toy kits and noise-reducing headphones are available to check out from the Concierge Desk. If you need a quiet space at any time during your visit, you may contact a security staff member or the concierge. Service Animals People with restrained service animals are allowed full access to the museum. Visually Impaired Services Braille signage indicating floor levels, elevators, and restrooms can be found throughout the museum. Get ready for a museum adventure of a lifetime! To better plan your visit ahead of time, contact our Customer Service Center at 317-334-4000. If you need assistance of any kind during your visit, simply ask a staff member for help or stop by the Concierge Desk on Level One.

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Free Entrance for Companion
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