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Free Entrance

Yale University Art Gallery

Entrance A wheelchair-accessible entrance to the Gallery is available via an elevator opposite the entrance at 1111 Chapel Street. All public areas of the Gallery are wheelchair accessible. Parking Accessible parking is available in the Chapel-York Garage at 150 York Street and at other garages and parking lots near the Gallery. Metered handicap parking spaces are available on streets near the Gallery. For more information, please call 203.432.0606. Wheelchair Access The Gallery and Lecture Hall are accessible to wheelchair users and others who need to avoid stairs. Elevators are located throughout the Gallery with access to all floors. A limited number of wheelchairs are available to borrow. Please inquire at the Information Desk. Restrooms Wheelchair-accessible restrooms are located on most floors. There are three single-user/family restrooms, located outside the Robert L. McNeil, Jr., Lecture Hall, on floor 4M in the East Galleries, and in the Nolen Center for Art and Education on the lower level (LLE) of the East Galleries. All restrooms are indicated on Gallery maps and directional signs. Assistive-Listening Devices A limited number of assistive-listening devices are available free of charge during programs in the Lecture Hall. Please contact Elizabeth Harnett, Program Coordinator, at elizabeth.harnett@yale.edu or 203.432.0620, or ask the greeter at the entrance to the Lecture Hall. Access Tours For visitors who are blind or partially sighted, the Gallery can provide a specially trained guide who can give extensive visual descriptions of artwork and participate in discussions about work on display in special exhibitions and permanent-collection galleries. Please contact yuag.education@yale.edu or 203.436.8827 to request this service two weeks in advance of your visit. Service dogs are permitted in the Gallery.

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Free Entrance
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