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Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum

The Adler is America’s first planetarium but, thanks to extensive renovation and the addition of the Sky Pavilion in 1999, it’s also modern, accessible and high tech. Mobility The South Entrance is level and has a push-button door. A unisex restroom is located nearby. Wheelchairs are available. All restrooms are accessible except in the old building, lower level. Sky Theatre can accommodate any number of guests in wheelchairs; StarRider Theatre, from 4–20, with advance notice. The historic Atwood Sphere has 1 wheelchair space. Exhibits and interactive displays have good access. Bench seating is provided. The closest parking is in the South Lot. Hearing Scripts for the audio tour, in Spanish and English, are available at the tour check-out station. To use captioning devices in StarRider and Sky Theatres, one must present a voucher from the box office. A TTY and volume control phone are near the South Entrance. Vision Signs and labels are large print, high contrast, non-glare with Braille/tactile for restrooms and elevators. An audio tour in Spanish and English is available. Resources on astronomy in Braille can be requested at the box office. To schedule a group tour for visitors who are blind, call 312-294-0361. Parking/Public Transportation All lots are managed by Standard Parking, have accessible spaces and cost $15 per day. CTA Buses #12 and #146 serve Museum Campus, as do Free Trolleys in season. The nearest CTA station is Roosevelt (accessible).

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Wheelchair Rental
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