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Accessible For Your Convenience

Etowah Public Shooting Range

Alabama's Hunting & Fishing Trail for People with Physical Disabilities is a network of public and private recreational sites throughout the state providing accessible fishing, shooting, and hunting opportunities for individuals with physical disabilities. The new trail has been developed by the Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources in cooperation with a broad range of sponsors. The trail hunting sites are provided by various public and/or private entities and managed by the Division of Wildlife and Freshwater fisheries. Due to safety and liability considerations, certain limitations exist for participating in hunting activities on the new Hunting & Fishing Trail for People with Physical Disabilities. Each hunter must complete an application available from the Wildlife Section, 64 North Union Street, Montgomery, AL 36130; or by calling (334) 242-3469. The application process certifies individuals are physically disabled under guidelines established by the American Medical Association, Veterans Administration, or the U.S. Social Security Administration. Hunting is restricted to two or three days per week so that deer are not pressured and forced to become nocturnal in their activities. An individual may only hunt on a given area once every two weeks. Hunting is by reservation only and each participant must check in and out on the date reserved. All hunting is from shooting houses located on wildlife openings. Participants in these hunts may bring a non hunting partner to assist with the activities. Please call (334) 242-3465 to obtain additional information regarding the Trail's fishing, shooting, and hunting opportunities.

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Accessible For Your Convenience
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