yoocan - Pérez Art Museum Miami - Free Wheelchair Rental & Free Entrance for Companion

Free Wheelchair Rental & Free Entrance for Companion

Pérez Art Museum Miami

ADA Accessible Entrance An ADA accessible doorway is located to the right of our main lobby doors. Courtesy Wheelchairs All galleries and facilities are wheelchair accessible. Wheelchairs are available at the visitor services desk free of charge. Wheelchairs are at the visitor services desk in the lobby. Leaving a driver’s license or ID is required. Service Animals Service animals are welcomed in the museum galleries and terrace during museum hours. Parking Parking spaces are available in the PAMM garage for vehicles bearing valid DMV handicapped parking stickers or license plates on a first come first served basis for vehicles with a clearance of 8'2". For information on accessible spaces for vans greater than 8 feet tall, please call visitor services at 305 375 3000, press 2, or email info@pamm.org. Access Programs​ Assistive listening devices (ALD) are available free of charge at the visitor services desk in the lobby. For sign language interpretation, CART or printed matter in an alternative format, please contact PAMM's access coordinator at 786 345 5629 or elyn-sue@pamm.org at least two weeks in advance (shorter notice will be accommodated if possible) of your visit. For information about access programs, including touch tours and audio tours, contact PAMM’s education department at education@pamm.org or call 786 345 5643. Personal Care Assistants No admission fee will be charged for any paid Personal Care Attendant (PCA) accompanying a visitor with disabilities. A request for complimentary admission for a PCA should be made at the time the visitor with disabilities purchases their ticket. Visitors can call 305.375.3000 or e-mail info@pamm.org for any questions.

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Free Wheelchair Rental & Free Entrance for Companion
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