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Yankee Stadium

Guide For Guests With Disabilities The Yankees strive to provide an accessible environment for all their Guests at Yankee Stadium. Wheelchair accessible and designated aisle-transfer seats are available at various price points and locations and include Yankees Premium seat locations (please see ""Yankees Premium"" ). The Stadium also offers enhanced accessibility for Guests with hearing loss or low vision and for Guests who are deaf or blind. For additional information about accessibility at the Stadium or if you have any questions or comments, please contact: Disabled Services: (718) 579-4510 (voice) or (718) 579-4595 (TTY) or email us at the following address: disabled services@yankees.com While at the Stadium during a game or public event, Guests may request to speak with a member of Disabled Services in person at any open Guest Relations Booth or Kiosk or in the Yankee Stadium Lobby, adjacent to Gate 2. Additional Information Access-A-Ride Bus Stop The Access-A-Ride bus stop is located adjacent to Gate 4 on East 161st Street. Alternative Format Materials Home-game schedules and other print materials are available in Braille or large print upon request through Disabled Services. Assistive Listening Devices Assistive listening devices are available at no charge at the Guest Relations Booths. Guests have a choice of an ear speaker, stereo headset or neckloop. Captioning There are two dedicated open-caption video boards for Guests who are deaf or have hearing loss: one in left field, just below Section 233B, and one in right field, just below Section 206. Captioning is also provided on the right-center field video board, on the high-definition video board in the Great Hall, on high-definition televisions throughout Yankee Stadium and on the video board in the New York Yankees Museum presented by Bank of America. Drop-off/pickup For information on dropping off or picking up Guests with disabilities, please contact Disabled Services. Electrical Outlets Electrical outlets available for recharging wheelchairs, scooters and other medical equipment are located at the Guest Relations Booths and at the following wheelchair accessible seating areas: Sections 021B, 029, 104-106, 109, 111, 114A, 116, 118-121B, 124, 127A, 130, 132-134, 211, 225, 226, 305, 306, 309, 310, 313-315, 317-320A, 320C-323, 325-327, 330, 331, 333 and 334 and in the Bleachers at Sections 203 and 235-237. Elevators There are 16 public elevators to help Guests navigate Yankee Stadium: Escalators There are two escalator banks at Yankee Stadium: one adjacent to the Yankees Team Store behind home plate in the Great Hall and one adjacent to the Guest Relations and Ticket Sales Booth, located near Gate 6 in the Great Hall. Please be advised that escalators may be turned off and/or reversed during the course of the game or event. Please note that elevators are available as an alternate means of getting around.

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Accessible For Your Convenience
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