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Free Wheelchair Escort

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Disabled Services The Guest Services department at STAPLES Center strives to provide excellent service to all our guests, including those guests with disabilities and special needs. STAPLES Center recognizes the needs of persons with disabilities and has met or exceeded the requirements of compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and California accessibility mandates. STAPLES Center provides a full range of accommodations for guests with disabilities to ensure their safety, comfort and enjoyment of our events and facilities. Wheelchair Escorts STAPLES Center Guest Services Centers provide complimentary wheelchair escorts to guests with special needs when requested. Escorts are available at any entry point or guests may make advance escort arrangements by contacting the Guest Services department. Please be aware that our staff will not remain with you during the event, nor will they allow you to remain in the wheelchair for the duration of the event. Wheelchair Storage For guests who wish to transfer to a seat from their wheelchair, we will store your wheelchair at our Guest Services Center. Our staff will make arrangements to return the wheelchair to you at the end of the event, or any other time you would prefer. Accessible/Disabled Tickets Accessible/disabled seating is available on all levels of the arena. Accessible seating and parking are available through STAPLESCenter.com and the STAPLES Center Box Office. When ordering accessible tickets, it is important to indicate that you require accessible seating so we can properly seat you. Purchase Accessible Tickets by Phone or Online Visit staples center.com, find your event, click the "TICKET" link, then click the "Accessible Tickets." For AXS events, call (888) 929-7849 and request accessible tickets. For Ticketmaster events, call (800) 745-3000 and request accessible tickets. STAPLES Center Box Office also sells accessible seating. Please visit the Box Office page for hours and more information. For questions/concerns regarding accessible seating, please contact Guest Services.

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Free Wheelchair Escort
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