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Free Wheelchair Escort

Quicken Loans Arena

Accessibility Info For information or assistance, Guest Services is located on the Main Concourse (Level 3, behind Section 100) and the Upper Concourse (Level 5, behind Section 200). •Automatic doors are located at all Quicken Loans Arena ground entrances. •Braille signage is appropriately displayed on all public areas of the arena, including elevators, seat sections, restrooms and offices. •Services booths on Levels 3 and 5. Suite-holders may pick up suite catering menus or concession menus in Braille in the Suite Sales and •Services Office or at the Concierge Desk on the Huntington Bank Club Level (Level 4). •Wheelchair height tables are located in both main food court areas on the East and West sides of the arena. •Complimentary wheelchair escorts are available to and from seating locations. Please reach out to any Guest Services Representative at Quicken Loans Arena for assistance. •Curbside wheelchair escorts are available at the Main Entrance, located at the corner of Huron Road and East 6th Street, by calling the Guest Services Booth at (216) 420-2320 during event hours. •There are seven passenger elevators to transport guests to all levels of Quicken Loans Arena. •The 22 men’s and 24 women’s restrooms located throughout the arena, in addition to four unisex/ family restrooms, are accessible. All private suites are wheelchair accessible and also have full restroom facilities that are all-accessible. For Guests Who Have Sensory Processing Needs: Sensory Sensitivity The Quicken Loans Arena has partnered with Kulture City to improve our ability to assist and accommodate guests with sensory processing needs. Our objective is to provide an inclusive and seamless experience for Every Guest, Every Time including those with sensory processing needs. We strive to raise awareness of the needs and challenges faced by individuals with sensory processing disorders by supplying our Team Members with continuous training and by offering the resources and accommodations below to our guests. Sensory Packs Sensory packs containing special KCVIP badges, fidget toys, noise cancelling headphones and other resources, are available for checkout (at no cost by leaving an ID) at our Guest Services Booths located at Section 100 and Section 200. Weighted Lap Pads Weighted lap pads are also available upon request (at no cost by leaving an ID) at our Guest Services Booths located at Section 100 and Section 200. Quiet Space For each event The Quicken Loans Arena hosts, there is a designated Quiet Space for individuals who need to regroup after becoming overstimulated. Please reach out to any Guest Services Representative, or stop by a Guest Services Booth, to be directed to the Quiet Space. Questions? Please reach out to our Guest Services Team during any event/game at the Q with any questions on our sensory sensitivity accommodations. If you have inquires prior to coming to the Arena, please contact Jenn Franz at JFranz@cavs.com or (216) 420-2268. You can also Contact Us at ContactUs@cavs.com.

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Free Wheelchair Escort
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