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Only $2 One Way City Limits

Z BUS-South East Area Transit

SEAT has a fleet of vehicles with wheelchair lifts that are handicap accessible. An application process is necessary to qualify for special services or fare discounts. Call 740-454-8573. It is not necessary to schedule all rides in advance. If you use any of SEAT's deviated fixed routes, you only need to be at the indicated stop at the indicated time. Demand response service however does require advance scheduling. This allows us time to properly schedule available vehicles to be at the right place at the right time. County Wide Service: Disabled - City Limits - $2.00 each way, County Limits - $4.00 each way, Muskingum to Guernsey or Guernsey to Muskingum - $6.00 each way (must be certified as E & D)

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place Zanesville, Ohio


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