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Only $10 Wheelchair Rental

Birmingham Zoo

Accessibility The Birmingham Zoo makes every effort to accommodate all students in all education programs. Educational programs are modified or developed to meet the needs of diverse audiences. Education Staff will partner with parents or teachers to accommodate students. The Zoo’s Visitor Service staff is pleased to assist guests requiring special assistance to ensure an enjoyable experience. Please contact the Zoo in advance of your visit by calling 205-879-0409. Access The Zoo’s pathways, facilities and exhibits are designed to provide all visitors an enjoyable experience. Personal wheelchairs or ECVs handicap(Electric Conveyance Vehicles) are welcome inside the Zoo. The train and carousel are wheelchair-accessible. The Zoo’s restaurants have wheelchair-accessible entrances and table accommodations. Family restrooms which accommodate wheelchairs and companions are located at the Primate Building and at Safari Peak. Reserved spaces are available for disabled guests in the main parking lot, with ramp accessibility to the ma Rentals A limited quantity of manual strollers, wheelchairs and ECV (Electric Conveyance Vehicles) are available for rent inside the Zoo on a first handicap come, first served basis. Due to the popularity of these rentals, we are unable to guarantee availability or reserve equipment. Rental fee plus a held photo ID as a deposit are required to rent all equipment. Personal wheelchairs or ECVs are welcome inside the Zoo. Manual Wheelchair: $10 (plus tax) ECV: $25 (plus tax)

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Only $10 Wheelchair Rental
place Birmingham, Alabama


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