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Only $10 Wheelchair Rental

Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Zoo pathways feature some grades that are steeper than others, the Los Angeles Zoo is wheelchair accessible. A large print version of the Accessibility Information Map may be requested at the Admissions ticket window at the front entrance or at the Zoo Administration Building Reception Desk (Monday–Friday) on the day of your visit. You may also request a copy of the large print map to be sent to you in advance by emailing: lazoo.admissions@lacity.org. Please include your name and mailing address in the e-mail. Parking Accessible parking spaces are available in the Zoo’s visitor parking lot. A valid disabled person parking placard is required. On days when the Zoo offers Paid Preferred Parking, accessible parking spaces are available in the Paid Preferred Parking free of charge when designated spaces are available. Wheelchairs Manual and electric wheelchairs are available for rental at the Zoo’s International Marketplace (inside and near the front entrance to the Zoo). You may request at the Admissions ticketing window that the wheelchair be brought to the Zoo entrance gate. The electric wheelchairs are limited in number and available for rental on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations are not accepted. It is suggested that you arrive as close as possible to Zoo opening time (10 a.m.) to secure an electric wheelchair rental. Manual wheelchair: $10/day* Electric wheelchair: $30/day* *All wheelchairs require a $25 cash deposit. The minimum age to rent an electric wheelchair is 18. There is no age restriction for manual wheelchair rentals.

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Only $10 Wheelchair Rental
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