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Accessible Seating For Your Convenience

Lunt-Fontanne Theatre

Disability Access Accessible seating is available for this performance as indicated on the seating map. Wheelchair locations are available in the orchestra section of the theatre (pending availability). You may purchase one wheelchair and three companion seats per order if available. For guests with limited mobility, there are seats available with folding armrests (“Aisle transfer seats”) in these locations: Orchestra (no stairs): D101, D114, F1, F2, G101, G114, R1, R2, R101, R114, T1, Z101. Mezzanine (stairs required): E 19, E20, E 114. For low vision/deaf & hard of hearing guests, accessible seats are available in the Orchestra B1-3, B 2-4. We are committed to the needs of our patrons with disabilities at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre. For more details on our policies or assistance purchasing accessible seating, please contact us directly at 212-575-9200. Wheelchair Accessible Restroom The Lunt-Fontanne Theatre is equipped with an accessible restroom on the theatre’s first floor. They can be designated for guests with disabilities. Seat Accessibility There are designated wheelchair and companion seats in the rear of the orchestra section. If the patron can transfer from their wheelchair to a seat, we have orchestra locations as close as the first ten rows where armrest lifts for easy transfer. No steps involved. (See seating chart.) Services for Patrons with Disabilities Theatre representatives are available to meet patrons with disabilities in the lobby of the building to escort them to designated wheelchair accessible areas. There are no elevators or escalators at the Lunt-Fontanne. Policy on Guide Dogs and Service Animals Although animals are not permitted in the theatre, an exception is made for guide dogs and service animals. Please inform your ticket sales representative if any accommodations are required. Assisted Listening Devices Headsets for sound augmentation are available at the theatre, free of charge. A photo identification is required as a deposit. For patrons with a telecoil, this theatre is equipped with an induction loop. Please set your device to the "t" setting.

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Accessible Seating For Your Convenience
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