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  • yoocan is a global collaborative community resource site partnered with thousands of members, storytellers, organizations, and companies from around the world. On yoocan you can share your tips & stories, learn & connect with relevant community members & search for organizations, products, and services relevant to your needs. Companies and organizations can present their products and services and share recommendations and tips. Check about us for more information on why we founded yoocan.
    • I have a disability: yoocan was created for the community. It comes from the needs of families like ours who continuously seek ideas, tips, and empowering stories about how to improve life and make it easier. On yoocan, you can connect with others in a similar situation to see what activities they are doing and how they are doing them. Our hope is that you will discover and explore new activities and find the resources to try them yourself or with a family member or friend.
    • My family or friend has a disability: We know how it feels to be frustrated and lost when it comes to looking for ideas and solutions. On yoocan, you can gather resources whether it is a new product or outstanding service. Our hope is that yoocan will provide you with information from around the world to gain awareness and ideas about what is out there and what your family member or friend may find interest in.
    • I don’t have a disability: You may not have a disability, but it is likely that someone in your family, your friendship circle or workplace does. yoocan is a place to expand your knowledge, learn, and admire the incredible things that people are doing regardless of disabilities. The more you know, the more you can empower others that they can do anything.
    • 1. Share your story, tips or product recommendation
    • 2. Explore global personal experiences and read practical tips
    • 3. Search for relevant information (ie: names of storytellers, organizations, products, services, disability, activities, etc.)
    • 4. Shop for relevant products and/or find important information you seek
    • 5. Join our assistive technologies hub as an Innovator or as an Investor
  • Nope- yoocan is totally free! The only time you will have to pay for something is if you want to buy a product or service. This will be at the cost presented on the product or service page.
  • At yoocan, we are always looking for the best and newest products/services to offer our community! We have created this platform to help you reach the community in a simple and easy way. We would love to have you join us a vendor or service provider. All you have to do is click here or become a partner on the bottom bar and fill out the page that is most relevant. Someone from our team will be in touch with you shortly after.
  • It does not cost anything to become a vendor or service provider on yoocan. Our policy is to allow every vendor/ service provider to be showcased at no cost. Products or services provided to the community for free will be presented for free. We work on a sales commission with anyone selling a product or service on yoocan. You can remove your page from yoocan at any time.

    We also offer the opportunity to become a sponsor of specific segments, services, and projects, such as translating the yoocan site into your local language site (ie: yoocan was translated into Hebrew). To discuss this further, please contact moshe@yoocantech.com.
  • We would love to hear of the amazing products or services you use! Click here to tell us how the product helped you.
  • We would love to hear from you! Please email us: info@yoocantech.com
  • In the top right corner, click the button that says “Sign up” or Click Here. Please register via one of the social media platforms or by creating a new profile.
  • Click the “Edit Profile” button under your photo in the top right corner or click here.
  • Click edit my profile, then click the ”edit” button on the story.
  • We believe that part of our role at yoocan is to allow collaboration of the community in helping innovative technologies in early stages find partners, users and funding to accelerate their products.

    This is why we created the first and only assistive technologies startup hub and investors club in the world. We want to provide options for yoocan to help via the network of hundreds of organizations, vendors and thousands of members in the yoocan global community. To learn more, click here.

    Click here to contact our CEO, Moshe Gaon, for more information and collaboration. We would love to hear from you.