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Along with the medical devices and instruments a medical professional uses, his apparel is also very important. Not only it provides safety for the medical staff and the patients, but it also gives a sense of professionalism. BeatMed can help you achieve those two goals and then one more: gives you all these at an affordable rate and in no time at all. We already have a carefully selected list of products you will need in your clinical environment such as: medical apparel, linens, cleaning supplies etc. Browse through our selections and consider stocking up your shelves with quality medical supplies. Category Includes: * Protective Apparel * Shoes * Apparel, Linens & Cleaning Supplies BEATMED - The Online Medical Marketplace That Puts You In Direct Contact With Manufacturers And Suppliers More than 150,000 products available in store Get in direct contact with medical manufacturers Complete price transparency and affordability Improved product insights flexibility and recognition We bring your entire medical supplies world in one powerful online store designed especially for patients and their care takers, clinics and medical supplies traders.
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