yoocan - BAG-INS® Urinary Waste Collection Bag Tote
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BAG-INS® Waste Collection Tote discreetly and securely supports the 2000 ML urinary waste collection bag. BAG-INS® elite design was specifically engineered to discretely and securely support the 2000 mL waste collection bag. The sleek design and adjustable strap adapt to all types of appliances. ( mobility chairs, wheel chairs, bed rails, walkers etc., etc.,etc.!) BAG-INS® US Patent pending technology delivers solutions consumers seek while restoring lost dignity. BAG-INS® by STYLEDWEL® is manufactured with quality materials and superior workmanship. Made of durable and lightweight nylon. Features: Durable, Washable Nylon Fabric Adjustable Nylon Woven Straps Internal Support System for most urinary waste collection bags Max Release Buckles for easy transport and discharge. Convenient Woven Nylon Handle *Double Zipper Openings 2 private Personal Pockets Supports standard 2000 ml Waste Collection bags. Weight 0.9 Width 12" Height 14" Length 1.5 (lb) 12 (inch) 14 (inch) 2 (inch)
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