yoocan - Ergobaum® ErgoBrace G1 EPA Post Op Elbow Brace Over Motion
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The Ergoactives ErgoBrace G1 KPA Post Op Over Motion Hinge Elbow Brace support is currently the most lightweight elbow brace, with an adjustable hinge equipped with spring assisted push-button easy adjustability from 120 degrees of flexion to 180 degrees of extension. This brace is also equipped with an easy lock button system from 0,15,30,45, & 90 degrees for patient self-adjustment in any moment. Features & Benefits: Locks quickly at -10,10,20,30 with a variation of 10 degrees and from45,60,75, & 90 degrees with a variation of 15 degrees. Durable, Lightweight, & Ergonomic Design Integrated with an easy push-button lock system that allows for the user to change the angle variation without applying much force. Just push the spring loaded soft button to quickly adjust. Aluminum Metal Covered by Plastic, makes the feel more ergonomic, allowing the user to have a comfortable experience, without any aluminum or metal making contact with the skin. The Brace has five levels of adjustment in both ends, making it One-Size-Fits-All. Control Range of Motion Easy to adjust Low profile ergonomic lightest brace Cast alternative. Easy open wound cleaning Available for Right and Left side Weight: 0.7 lbs / 310 grams Support Level IV Protocols & Indications: Post-Op Elbow/Arm Surgery Post-Cast Removal Can be used for non-surgical procedures: Ligament strains, Tennis elbow bursitis, Supracondylar stable fractures, Tricep Ligament Injuries, Control range of motion joint discomfort. Goals: Adjustable to any arm size. Provides immobilization and universal adjustability. Telescopic adjustability: two click push buttons that are adjustable on the upper and lower underarm and arm sections (gives the best adjustable settings for each humeral/radial circumferences. Controlled range of motion Joint early movement after surgery Cast or splint immobilization alternative Ergonomic Design
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