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BILLY Footwear

Zip up your leisurely style in the contemporary silhouette of these BILLY Footwear™ OG slip-ons ("OG" is shorthand for Original Goat). Synthetic (Vegan) Metallic holographic upper is liquid Rose Gold until light hits it, revealing a subtle yet versatile rainbow effect that’s truly galactic! Casual slip-on design with our Patent-Pending zipper function allows the shoe to open like a book, placing your foot inside without obstruction, zipping closed smoothly with just one finger. Comes with BPA-Free Silicone zipper pulls with durable nylon cording attached with a removable Lark’s Head knot, so you’re free to create a customized style with your own special flair. Make sure to share your flair! Sturdy YCC nylon coiled zipper ensures a smooth transition. Awesome hidden pockets big enough for cards, cash, or stash. Two per pair. Single gore elastic at instep for easy fit. Round shaped toe with space for toe wiggling and easy zipper zipping. Signature BILLY goat-head embroidered logo detailing. Matching Lightweight Canvas lining. Padded insole. Lightweight Rubber sole with tread for gripping during outdoor adventures. Laser etched BILLY logo on the outer sole shows off subtle branding. Ethically manufactured by certified vendors in strict accordance to international safety guidelines. Available in Kids sizes Toddler 11 to Kids 5. This material and its components have been tested and certified by The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) and is safe for children’s use. Available in whole sizes only. Imported. Comes in a sturdy reusable recyclable shoebox with a special note from Billy Price, co-founder of BILLY Footwear. Just fold it inside-out for customizable storage. Patent Pending
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