yoocan - Men's Laceless Oxford — Black Leather
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על Men's Laceless Oxford — Black Leather

BILLY Footwear

Zip up your professional style in the sleek sporty silhouette of this BILLY Footwear™ Laceless Oxford. Natural supple leather upper in All-Business jet Black. This Office-ready design features our Patent-Pending original zipper function that allows the shoe to open like a book, placing your foot inside without obstruction, zipping closed smoothly with just 1 finger. Features a durable polished silver metal zipper loop that adds a dressier attitude. Sturdy YCC nylon coiled zipper ensures a smooth transition. Awesome hidden pockets big enough for cards, cash, or stash. Two pockets per pair. Padded around the ankle for easy fit. Round shaped toe with generous space for toe wiggling & zipper zipping. Signature BILLY goat-head subtle embossed logo detailing. Lightweight Canvas lining. Ergonomic molded foot bed cradles heels and supports arches. Lightweight Rubber sole with tread for good grip. Manufactured ethically by certified vendors in accordance with strict international labor and safety-in-workplace laws. Available in whole sizes only. Imported. Comes in a sturdy reusable recyclable shoebox with a special note from Billy Price, co-founder of BILLY Footwear. Just fold it inside-out for customizable storage. Patent Pending
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