yoocan - Men's OG Casual Loafer — Charcoal Denim
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על Men's OG Casual Loafer — Charcoal Denim

BILLY Footwear

Zip-on your leisurely style in the classic silhouette of this BILLY Footwear™ OG slip-on Casual Loafer ("OG" is shorthand for Original Goat). Natural (Vegan) Cotton Denim Canvas upper in vintage Black. Casual slip-on design with our Patent-Pending zipper function allows the shoe to open like a book, placing your foot inside without obstruction, zipping closed smoothly with just 1 finger. Comes with BPA-Free Silicone zipper pulls with durable nylon cording attached with a removable Lark’s Head knot, so you’re free to create a customized style with your own special flair. Make sure to share your flair! Sturdy YCC nylon coiled zipper ensures a smooth transition. Two awesome hidden pockets big enough for cards, cash, or stash. Single gore elastic at instep for easy fit. Round shaped toe with generous space for toe wiggling & zipper zipping. Signature BILLY goat-head embroidered logo detailing. Lightweight Canvas lining. Ergonomic molded foot bed cradles heels and supports arches. Lightweight Rubber sole with tread for good grip with laser-etched logo. Manufactured ethically by certified vendors in accordance with strict international labor and safety-in-workplace laws. Available in whole sizes only. Imported. Comes in a sturdy reusable recyclable shoe box with a special note from Billy Price, co-founder of BILLY Footwear. Just fold it inside-out for customizable storage. Patent Pending
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