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Nekdoodle Inc

The Nekdoodle® is an innovative flotation device that cushions and supports the head and neck while in use for Water Fitness, Recreation, Relaxation, & Aquatic Therapy in or out of the water. WHO NEEDS THE NEKDOODLE® *Professionals in Aquatic Therapy & Water Fitness Industries * U.S. Swim School Instructors & Students * Senior Wellness & Fitness Programs * Recreational Swimmers * Boating Enthusiasts * People at Resorts * People on Cruises * Pool & Spa Owners * Sporting Goods Store Owners * Ocean Enthusiasts & Beachgoers * Wounded Warrior Rehab Programs * Hospital & Aquatic Rehab Therapy The Blue Nekdoodle® Pool Noodle, White lettering on blue vinyl coated foam, Provides: * Extra flotation * Swim training aid * Swimming pool exercise equipment, * Pool toy, All around pool fun, * Weight : 1.3 lbs * Dimensions: 48” x 4” square shaped; 3 sides smooth, 1 side convoluted, * Permanently buoyant; doesn’t absorb water, * Easy to grip or rest your hands on top, Easy to wipe clean after use. *Caution! Although this floatation device is great for maximum comfort during exercising or relaxing in the water, you should not use it as a lifesaving device. Children be supervised while they use the Nekdoodle®.
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