yoocan - Ergobaum® 7G Foldable Ergonomic Crutches (Pair)
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Ergobaum's 7th Generation Adult Crutches, A new generation of mobility support with enhanced safety, performance, comfort, and elegance. Ergobaum 7G Crutches improve the quality of life for those needing to use walking devices- either for a temporary injury or for a chronic condition. With Ergobaum Crutches, you no longer have to suffer from hand, wrist, arm, or shoulder pain. If you have felt inconvenienced and awkward using standard crutches, you can finally have some conveniences and accommodations that make getting around easier for you. Ergobaum 7G Crutches are the new standard. Ergobaum 7G Crutches include: * A flashlight with easy accessibility. You don’t need to find a smart -phone in the dark when you can use the brilliantly designed Ergobaum Crutches with a light practically at your fingertips. Easily replaceable batteries (Includes AG13 alkaline batteries—can also be replaced with LR44, G13, or SR44w batteries (not included) * Adjustable straps on the forearm crutches that allow you to use your hands when still, without needing to let go of the crutches. * Reflective tape allows users to be seen at night. * A small horn, located on the handle, can be used to alert distracted bystanders of your presence, preventing potential stumbles. It can also be used as a panic button. * The Ergobaum Crutch knee rest opens and closes easily for those who could use a little rest when standing. It is highly customizable and easily removable, designed to make you comfortable. * 90-day manufacturer’s warranty * 2 Crutches, accessories, and manual * Made of medical grade materials * Ergonomically designed with ergo Tip included * Featuring shock absorbers Size: Ideal for people 5’-6’6” Measures 34”x 9” x 4” Each crutch weighs 2.8 lbs.
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