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Adjustable LED flashlight & mount that is easily added on any mobility device. If you use a cane, walker, or wheelchair, you're probably familiar with the sinking feeling that you get walking into darkness. It's nothing to be embarrassed about...after all, it can be super scary and full of things to trip on. So just "stay in the light" always with this incredible LightBaum LED flashlight. Just clip this light to any standard tube on any mobility device and BOOM. It is like you have your own personal headlight. So avoid a nasty spill or tumble. Key Features: * Can be applied to any standard tube on any mobility device * AG13 batteries pre-installed; replace with easy to find LR44, G13, SR44w, or AG13 batteries * Measures 2" x 2" x 2" • Weighs 0.29oz * Universal LED light mount that is easily added * Mount anywhere on canes, crutches, wheelchairs, or walker. * Innovated to illuminate the path for patients walking with mobility assist devices. * Built to fit the tube of mobility assist devices. * Easily adjustable to different angles
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