yoocan - Ergobaum® Level-up Universal Height Balancer (Single)
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על Ergobaum® Level-up Universal Height Balancer (Single)


• The Level-Up is intended to match the height of the Shoebaum air cast. • Created by an Orthopedic Surgeon with the user's best interests in mind • Revolutionary brand new height balancer • Top quality material to prevents slipping. • Designed specifically for the non-injured foot. Place your regular shoe at the base of the Level Up. • Adjust the straps until the Level Up is securely attached to the shoe. * The product should never be used without wearing a normal shoe. In a few cases, the product will not even out the height difference to a perfect position, but will still take away the uncomfortable sensation of walking with an uneven height.
חסוך 15% על Ergobaum® Level-up Universal Height Balancer (Single)

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