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The world's first dynamic backpack for wheelchair users, allowing full accessibility and maximum comfort. Traditional bags haven't changed in decades, they are located in the back side of the chair and demand the use of disproportionate effort to access and interact with the bag. DYNAMIC consists of two parts: The CARRIER and The BAG. The bag can be used separately and can function as a traditional bag if needed. The carrier also protects the bag from weather and unwanted pickpockets. Fits manual operated wheelchairs. People with reasonable movement and strength in at least one hand can use it easily. The bag has three compartments on the front: Large, Medium and Small. on the sides it has two net compartments. Designed to last for a long period of time and made from high-quality durable materials. Specifications: * 500D Nylon fabric. * YKK zipper heads. * Nylon straps. * IPC nylon sewing thread.
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