yoocan - Ergobaum® Ergocap® Winter (Single Unit)
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ErgoCap Winter: Advanced All-Terrain Crutch And Cane Tips For Challenging Weather Conditions. Using a cane or crutches is challenging enough. Having to get around in wet and slippery conditions can be a formidable task. Now you can avoid slipping with the innovative ErgoCap Winter—a removable tip that attaches to the bottom of any cane or crutch. Just turn the knob, and the ErgoCap Winter grips outdoor surfaces, then easily retracts for indoor use. Designed by an Orthopedic surgeon, this patented device steadies the cane or crutch at all angles, providing stability and traction while walking or standing still. The ErgoCap Winter is a specially designed tip for canes and crutches that simulates the human ankle joint movements, allowing for greater safety and stability anywhere you need to be. The ErgoCap Winter is made of a durable, anti-slip, medical-grade rubber, with four “wings” for maintaining balance. Embedded in the ErgoCap Winter is a “metal crown” comprised of small spikes that can be released to create traction.
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