yoocan - 1" - SnapIt! Adjustable Foldaway Drink Holder for Wheelchairs
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על 1" - SnapIt! Adjustable Foldaway Drink Holder for Wheelchairs

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SnapIt! Adjustable Foldaway Drink Holder for Wheelchairs 1" Diameter Mount Foldaway drink holder solves the problem of conveniently carrying a drink on a wheelchair while navigating narrow doorways and corridors. Unlike fold up drink holders that require the removal of the drink while negotiating narrow confines. The SnapIt! A001P drink holder folds neatly out of the way without removing the drink. Should you forget to fold the drink holder out of the way and accidently hit a door facing or other object the the drink holder will fold out of the way as a result of the contact. The A001CP Four position adjustable drink holder holds a wide variety of drinks from large 3 5/8" diameter bottles to small drink cans and water bottles. New design is more compact, lighter, more versatile and less expensive than the unit it replaces. Mounts to 1" diameter angled or vertical tubes on wheelchairs. All mounting hardware is included. Installation only requires the use a #2 Phillips screwdriver. Technical Specifications SnapIt! Tubing Diameter Size Chart Fractions Decimals Metric Flat Length 3/4" .75" 19mm 2.356" 7/8" .875" 22mm 2.75" 1" 1" 25mm 3.142" 1-1/8 " 1.125" 29mm 3.53" 1-3/16" 1.1875" 30mm 3.73" 1-1/4" 1.25" 32mm 3.927" Step 1) Find a piece of paper measuring at least 4" x 1" Step 2) Now wrap the piece of paper around the section of tubing you would like to mount your SnapIt! cup holder. Step 3) While the paper is wrapped around the tube, mark the end of the piece of paper with a pencil. This will measure the entire circumference of the tube. Step 4) Now measure from the end of the paper to the mark with a ruler. Step 5) Look at the table above. Find the "Flat Lenght" and it's correlating "Diameter in Fractions", "Diameter in Decimals" and "Diameter in Metric" Now you will have the diameter of the tube!
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