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Living Spinal

Firefly Electric Handcycle - All New! The Firefly Attachable Electric Handcycle turns your everyday chair into a speed machine. Let the compact hub motor do the hard work while you steer. Our unique "Quick Dock" attachment system easily transforms your chair to a handcycle and back again by connecting and disconnecting 2 latches. Our patent pending design ensures easy on and off of your everyday chair. The handcycle uses many off-the-shelf standard bicycle parts, which make it easy to service. Designed to fit most folding / rigid, adult and pediatric chairs. Attaches Quicker Than Ever Before Unscrew and detach the mounting arms from the New Firefly for easy and compact transportation. It's now much easier for a single wheelchair user to load their own Firefly Power Assist into their own vehicle. Experience the New FireFly from Rio Mobility The New Rio Mobility Firefly's dash display is easy to read and navigate. It will give you all the necessary readings like your speed, your current distance driven and much more! Instead of pushing everywhere on you wheelchair, start racking up the miles on your Firefly. Your shoulders will thank you! The updated headlight on the New Rio Mobility Firefly is compact, bright and out of the way. It works great for dispersing light in front of you while your driving at night or indoors. The Firefly is perfect for trips to the park. Climbing hills and driving over grass is easy with the Firefly. Places that were once too difficult to visit in a wheelchair are now fully accessible with your Firefly! Full Electric Power The Firefly is a full electric-powered version of our handcycle. It can also be easily detached and stored in any trunk so there is no need for an expensive custom van. Digital Control Center All the controls are within easy reach: Quadrapalegic Friendly thumb throttles 5 power levels selected through the display speedometer and odometer battery level indicator reverse thumb throttle two brake handles with parking brake capability Maintenance-Free Electric Motor The Firefly is powered by a powerful, compact, and quiet brushless electric hub motor. Sealed and maintenance free, it will give years of reliable service. Lightweight Removable Battery Our high-capacity lithium battery has an extra-long life and gives you long range is a lightweight, compact package. It slides off easily for storage or charging. Totally Adjustable The Firefly is totally adjustable for all wheelchairs and wheelchair users. Easily Removable The Firefly can be easily snapped on and off with our patented attachment system. Technical Specifications Tubing Sizes Standard Sizes Custom Sizes: 1 inch (25.4mm) 3/4 inch (Use the 1" clamps and the thicker shims provided in the kit) 1 1/8 inch (28.6mm) 1 3/8 inch 1.2 inch (30.5mm) Oval tubes (like the Quickie Chairs) 1 1/4 inch (31.8mm) Firefly Specifications Top Speed: 12 mph / 18 kph Range: 15 miles / 24 km (stop and go and hills) Product weight: 25 lbs / 11.4 kg (with battery) Maximum combined wheelchair/user weight: 280 lbs / 130 kg Tire: 12.5" x 1.75" x 2.25" (47-203) Wheel: Aluminum rim with stainless steel spokes Hub motor: 36V, 350W geared brushless hub motor Battery: 36V - 6.6Ah lithium polymer (5.9 lbs / 2.7 kg) Charger: 100V - 240V, 50-60Hz input (plug adapter may be required) Charging Time: ~4 hours if battery is fully discharged Frame: Aluminum 6061 Paint: Durable silver powder coat Shipping dimensions: 36" x 13" x 9" / 93 cm x 32 cm x 22 cm Shipping weight: 31 lbs / 14 kg Please Note: Assembly and Installation by Living Spinal (Authorized Fire Fly Re-seller)
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