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Living Spinal

Hippocampe Transport Bag Vipamat is a French manufacturer of medical equipment for disabled people, promoting access to recreational mobility products. From design to sales, Vipamat wishes to offer innovative products, and ensuring the comfort, the durability, the accessibility and the ergonomy for users. The Hippocampe all terrain beach wheelchair enables to disabled people an easier access in sand of beach, hiking trail and snow with its different options. The Hippocampe pool wheelchair allows to move freely in the changing room and showers of the pool, as well as an easy pool access and launching. The all terrain beach wheelchair and the aquatic pool chair are certified by the FDA, ensuring a high level of quality for our customers and users. The Hippocampe folding chairs can be used as manual chair or stroller for children and adults with disabilities. All terrain: Since 2002, the Hippocampe wheelchair offers individuals with disabilities accessibility to difficult terrains, impossible in a standard wheelchair: beach, sand, swimming area, hiking trails, snow, mountain. Sturdy and reliable, it has undergone stringent safety and resistance testing. On your own or accompanied: Towed, pushed or self-propelled, the Hippocampe chair offers autonomy to its user, a third party can assist the more heavily handicapped with its push bar or traction kit. Comfortable: The seat is composed of a thick and hydrophobic foam that does not absorb water and dries quickly. The blue and pink sheathed tubes are comfortable to the touch and do not heat up in the sun. Revolutionary: The Hippocampe all-terrain beach chair is recognized all around the world. Its first goal is to make the beach and water-related activities accessible. It allows users to enter in water and it floats on its own while its user swims. Today it equips more than 200 beaches in France and abroad. If you want, you can use low pressure balloon wheels at the beach (as an option). Design and adaptable: Its youthful look and modern silhouette make it your ideal companion. The Hippocampe wheelchair has received numerous awards for its design. It is just at usable on the beach as on the snow, and can be transformed into a ski chair thanks to its front and rear ski kits (as an option). Lightweight, collapsible, and easily transportable: Its small size, fold-down backrest, removable push bar and wheels (in less than a minute) and its weight of 17 kg (37.5 lb.) make it easily transportable and convenient to store in your home or in its transport bag (as an option). Benefits Hippocampe wheelchair, to store it, to put it away, or even to protect it.
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