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Colours is Not Just Another Wheelchair. Lifestyle and Choices have always been at the core of our focus. We are proud to offer four promotions just for you: 1. 10% off our Y-360 wheels Who doesn't need an awesome set of rims? Colours is proud to offer Alto Advantage Club Members a 10% discount on our 25 inch Y-360 Sawblade and Mod-Style Billet wheels. Up to $150 in value. 2. Free fun fabric upgrade with purchase of adjustable tension back upholstery No matter if it's your favorite sports team, a leopard print or one of our custom creations, make your chair yours with a free custom center piece of your choice with the purchase of our comfortable adjustable tension back rest. This great deal is exclusively available for Alto Advantage Club Members. $150 value 3. AZ-1 Portable hand controls by colors 300$ markedown from 350$ The AZ-1 portable hand controls are the absolute best on the market. Anyone who travels knows what a pain driving without your own car can be. These universal, easy to install, left-hand drive portable hand controls are available to Alto Advantage Club Members for only $300 4. Free colored parts kit with purchase of new chair Colours is #NotJustAnotherWheelchair. Lifestyle and Choices have always been at the core of our focus. We are proud to offer a free custom parts kit upgrade with the purchase of a new everyday wheelchair for all Alto Advantage Club Members. $500 in value Just press buy, and you will be transferred to our colors site where you can leave your contact & click the promo you are interested in. Looking forward bringing colors into your world! About Colours Like our products the personality of Colours is that of leadership and understanding. We hope to provide an outlet to voice suggestions, ultimately allowing you to change the way people see the disabled and yourself. It is our goal to increase each persons experiences through mobility, education and most importantly, the general societies awareness toward people. Yes, we believe we produce some of the best wheelchairs in the world. But, that is not what we are bragging about. What we are really proud of are the people who are using our chairs. They are in our eyes individuals who have a spirit unmatched by our competition. So, our thanks are to you the customer for joining the Colours Family and doing what you do best live your life to the fullest because when it is all said and done, it’s all about Lifestyle. Toshitaka Tamba – CEO of Colours Wheelchair
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