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Hi, I'm Stephanie Thomas a Disability Fashion Stylist, and I've followed clothing trends for people with disabilities for 25 years. In 2004 I developed the Disability Fashion Styling System which is what I use when I'm dressing all of my clients. I work as a stylist through my company Cur8able, a lifestyle brand dedicated to helping people with disabilities live out loud and in style. Please feel free to contact me on Instagram: @cur8able & @disabilityfashionstylist

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Join Stephanie for a free talk at the Look Forward Fashion Tech Festival

Stephanie is speaking at La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris where she will discuss disability fashion styling & why tech is a game changer.

schedule July 2, 2017 payment חינם 2:30pm
Personal Fashion Styling

Using my Disability Fashion Styling System I help you shop and create looks that you love and compliment your body type and lifestyle.

schedule By Appointment Only payment חינם 1 Free Style Consultation / 30 minutes

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