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Infinite Flow - A Wheelchair Dance Company


Infinite Flow has the mission to increase access to quality dance instruction to people with disabilities through inclusion and innovation

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Adult Wheelchair Dance Program (LA)

Learn, Laugh, and Live! Its a community where boundaries are removed. The program is open to both wheelchair/powerchair users and not. We focus on ballroom, salsa, and other partner dance styles. Generally we pair up a wheelchair dancer with an ambulatory dancer and rotate partners through out the class. We have created 2 programs to accommodate different levels of interests and schedules.

schedule Sept 3, Oct 1, Nov 5, Dec 4 payment חינם 5:15-7:30pm
Infinite Flow Kids

Infinite Flow Kids was founded in September 2015 as an inclusive kids dance company, where kids with and without disabilities dance and grow together, cultivating young leaders and dancers, and shaping a new generation where inclusion is the new reality.

schedule Fridays starting Sept. 8 payment חינם 7-9pm

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