TOM: Tikkun Olam Makers


We're a global community of Makers working together with people with disabilities (aka - 'Need Knowers'), developing open source technological solutions for everyday challenges!

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Share a challenge

Take a moment and describe your challenges - we’ll connect you with Makers that can develop a solution with you. We are looking for ‘Need Knowers’, individuals with a personal understanding of the needs of people with disabilities. In most cases these are the ones living with disabilities themselves; in others, these are relatives, caregivers or professionals. At TOM, Need Knowers are critical to developing solutions—working alongside the Makers through each stage of prototyping.

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Volunteer as a Maker

Are you a problem solver? Tell us more about yourself and expertise – we’ll connect you with a Need Knower that needs help developing a solution for a challenge. Calling all designers, developers, engineers and anyone who loves creating. At TOM, Makers turn an idea into a reality.

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