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In Cassit Studio we specialize in designing products and innovative solutions for people with disabilities for 6 years. We accept all requests, from small to big, and we search for the solution you need and want. If it doesn't exist in the market or doesn't suit you, we will design and manufacture a product which will be customize for you, in a joyful and fascinating process, including various prototypes, material research, consulting with therapists, engineers and more. The project ends when you are satisfied and within the framework that suits you. Among other solutions, we invented 4 types of guitar splints, inclusive cookware, photograpy aids, innovative medical splints, self care accessories, gadgets for the blind, additive for walking and much more. We believe that almost anything is possible with patience and creativity. Please feel free to contact us for any question. My name is Tamar and I'm an industrial designer, a military medic and the founder, CEO and Chief Designer of Cassit Studio.

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Cassit Studio

Product Design for people with disabilities - design and manufacture of innovative solutions, redesign of existing solution, consulting and R&D.

schedule Sunday-Thursday 10:00-20:00 payment $120.00 1st Consultation Meeting / 60 minutes

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